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How do you do it? November 13, 2009

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I get asked this question all of the time!  My initial response is usually “my husband”, but I realize that it is only because of Christ Jesus that anything is possible (Phillipians 4:13).  I’m just rarely on top of my game enough to be the scripture-quoting mother who truly has it all together.  Most of the time, I am saying “I know that verse is somewhere!!!” and texting my Bible genius bestie for the answer.  I truly could not do this without Christ, and there are many days that I feel like He’s pulling His weight, while I am clumsily dropping the ball.  I am thankful that He gave me Superman.  It could not get done without him, especially during the last trimester of a pregnancy.

Now, I don’t really know what “it” is.  I guess it depends on who is asking the question.  What is their idea of what it is I’m doing?  I think they think I’m doing a lot more than I really am.  So here is my confession, a list of what isn’t getting done in order to get all the other things done (that you think I’m doing)…

  • We aren’t the best teeth brushers.  Superman and I manage to brush daily, but usually only once, and occassionally we forget in the busyness of the morning.  We tell the kids to do it, but they don’t always listen.
  • Our house is never clean, and I mean never.  There is lots of clutter, no matter how much I attempt to reduce it.  There are cobwebs in the windows and dust bunnies in the corners.  Let’s just say I’m glad that we don’t have random visitors popping in on us.
  • The vans are always a wreck!  A couple of months ago, I got them both really clean and one extremely organized, and it lasted for about two weeks.
  • I started off as a great disciplinarian, but many days, I’m just too tired.
  • I’m not a naturally organized person, so there are many days I wonder why God gave me such a task!  I think my biggest problem is that I spend tons of time trying to set up systems and tools to help us organize life, but I don’t ever find the time to put them into practice.
  • We eat fast food WAY more than we should.
  • Every day, there is a child, or adult (mom), that cannot find their shoes.  We have a parking spot for shoes, but they rarely get parked there, and when they do, one of the little boys usually carries them off.

Those are just a few things that get overlooked.  Believe me, the list is so much longer!  So I guess that’s how we get “it” done, by not getting it all done.


One Response to “How do you do it?”

  1. Heidi Says:

    You’re not alone. Many things fall by the wayside everyday here too. I am learning to be happy with what we did accomplish instead of worrying about what didn’t get done. I’m a perfectionist, but life is so far from perfect. Alot of the things you have shared in your blog are similar to things I think and feel. I’m glad I’m not alone!

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