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Weekend blogging November 14, 2009

Filed under: S1,Thoughtful Thursday — jps23 @ 10:17 pm

I think I will allow Thursday to have a theme and reserve my random ramblings for the weekend or an additional post during the week.  It may be rare lately, but most days, I do think my kids are some of the most considerate kids in the world!  So, we will let Thursday be Thoughtful Thursday, and if I feel led to blog on anything random during the week, I’ll just sqeeze an extra one in here and there.  Being 34 weeks in the pregnancy, with much discomfort and a good bit of contracting already, I have a valid excuse to sit.  Having a laptop makes it quite easy to blog when you are kicked back in the recliner!

So this weekend, S1 went on her first trip away from the family with a friend!  It was a bit of a surprise invite, but we were so excited to get it that we cancelled family pics to allow her to go!  Speaking of thoughtful, she’s the most thoughtful of the bunch.  I guess being the oldest one makes that a necessary skill for her in order to coexist pleasantly with everyone!  She’s the kid that takes the gift catalog at Christmas and circles gifts her brothers and sisters would like, and she’s always right!  She took $7 out of her piggy bank the other day to buy a webkin she wanted, and she wanted to give the rest of her money to S2 to get her closer to her $ goal for her desired webkin.  It could have been $50, and she would have given it away.  So when the invite came, there was no doubt that I wanted her to have this opportunity.  It was from some friends of ours from high school, and they were taking their little ones for a family camping trip.  Their middle daughter and S1 are just 2 or 3 months apart and have played together only once, but they hit it off so well when they did.  They are also homeschoolers and unique, like our family.  So, I was surprised simply because it had been a while since we got together last, but not surprised because of the personalities of our girls.  When I talked to S1 last night, she couldn’t even stop long enough to take a breath!  When I got a word in, I asked her if she was even going to want to come home, and she said, “Oh yes, I’ll come home when I’m a hundred!”  I’m so glad she’s having fun.  It’s nerve-racking allowing your child to fly out of your nest for the first time without your protection, even when you trust the people she’s flying with.  I know, however, that she is never out from under the protection of her heavenly Father, and although that may not guarantee that she is free from harm or danger, I do know that He is with her every step of the way.  That’s why it was possible to send her off this weekend.  We all miss her, but in all honesty, all the kids needed a little break from each other.  They have been fighting so terribly lately, which is due to a few factors, but nothing that we can control right now.  They just needed a moment to breathe and appreciate each other a little bit.  As far as the others are concerned, we had a wonderful day today.  S2 and S3 went to an awesome birthday party that included horse rides, which is S2’s dream come true!  Superman took them and was able to enjoy the day with no little boys to chase down!  I kept the boys and we went to visit PawPaw, who returned home yesterday after a week in the hospital for hip replacement surgery.  They were angels and did exactly as I asked them to, being quiet, calm, and not giving me any grief when it was time to go.  They even cleaned up after themselves!  It was a wonderful day!  While Superman and I missed one another very much (we cherish our weekends together), it was worth the trade off to get to watch the kids enjoy a fun day without any fix-it tasks on the list to keep us busy.  We just got to spend the day being busy having fun!


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