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Take-It-Easy Tuesday November 18, 2009

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Well, today was not a take-it-easy kind of day.  I had an ob appointment, S4 had an appointment with the allergist, and we are down to one vehicle right now because of an issue with a tire on the mini-van.  Superman is out of sick time/vacation days, and both grandmas had appointments of their own.  You may not believe it, but there isn’t an abundance of people in line to babysit five kids, especially with last minute notice, so we were in a pinch.  We managed to work it out, with everyone making it to their appointments, thanks to our moms being so willing to do what they could to make it work.  We are so blessed!

We are taking it easy at the moment, sitting and watching Biggest Loser, but it’s only until the show is over.  The tire still has to be changed, lunches have to be packed, and clothes have to be set out for tomorrow.  I guess chaos wins today, but I get the true victory in being content with it.


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