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Fix-it Friday November 21, 2009

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Don’t pay attention to the fact that I’m posting this on Saturday!  I know I said that I probably won’t post about car maintenance, but that is exactly what I am posting about today.  Last Sunday, as we were pulling out of the driveway in the “mini” van, the right front tire rolled off of the wheel.  We knew it was time to get new tires, but we were waiting for the pay period that had a little extra to take care of it.  We thought that the problems we were having with the steering wheel shaking back and forth while driving had to do with needing to get the alignment adjusted, but we also needed new tires, so we thought we’d knock out both at one time.  Can I just say how thankful I was that the tire rolled off in the driveway, and not while I am driving around metro Atlanta 8 months pregnant with six kids in tow?  God is so good!  Well, Sunday we had to pick people up from all over, and we had also made plans to get the Christmas bins out of storage from our old house, so we loaded up the “many” van and headed out, planning on taking care of the tire when we got home.  Well, getting home happened later than we planned, and the tire was on the side away from the flood lights on the house, about two feet next to the beginning of our retaining wall.  Needless to say, it was hard to get to.  So, we let it go until tomorrow, and then tomorrow, and then tomorrow.  You get the idea.  Superman just doesn’t get home before dark, and with me being so largely pregnant, he is such a necessary part of the evening routine of baths and bedtime around here that he couldn’t get outside to take care of it.  He finally stays home from work on Thursday morning to work on it and finally gets the spare on.  (By the way, if the last person to take your tire off and put it on is from a dealership, it’s going to be hard for you to do it with a tire iron because they use their air gun and make it soooo hard to do it manually!)  He takes it to our friend who works as the head of the maintenance department at our local Honda (even though it is a Ford), and our friend takes care of us, as he always does.  He also informs us that it wasn’t alignment that caused this to happen.  He said the tire was well worn, and it had a bulge that had formed and caused the rocking back and forth of the steering wheel.  Lesson learned- check your tires regularly (which we do) and know what you are looking at (which we may not….).  We may not have fixed this one, but we sure are thankful to our friend that did!


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  1. Heidi Says:

    I love reading about your real life. What a relief that no one was hurt. The night we went to the Georgia Dome it was raining really hard and we started to hear a sound like we had a flat, but it didn’t feel like we did so Scotty kept going. Finally the sound got so loud he had to pull over in the rain and check. One of our front tire’s treads were coming off in strips and slapping the tire well as we drove!!! He was able to make it to a gas station in a decent part of town and put on the spare. It’s amazing that tire didn’t blow out. We were being protected from above for sure.

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