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People over Perfection November 23, 2009

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I’ll post my usual “Manage-it Monday” stuff later, but I had to post about this…  I was visiting one of my favorite blogs for organizing, Organizing Junkie at, and she was posting about a fondue party.  In bold letters in her post, she shared these words- “People over perfection”.  How many of us don’t have people over to our homes, our own family, even, because we can’t seem to get things as clean or as decorated or as functional as we’d like to have them?  How many of us are fearful that those people will go home saying “Can you believe she…?” or “Did you see her ____room?”  So instead, we put off having folks over until we get it done well enough, but that never happens.  We have jobs, we have kids, we have tons of responsibilities that keep us from getting it done well enough, and in the meantime, another year goes by without having that old college roommate over.  We blink and we’re getting a Christmas card with photos of our best friend from high school and her kids, who are now in high school.  We watch the year go by, reconnecting with family at funerals and memorial services, saying “I should have made more time…” or “I should have just invited them over…” or “I’m going to be different this time…” but still never inviting that person over.  I realized while reading this phrase that I practice just this idea.  If you’ve been to my house, you’ve seen my laundry, both clean and dirty.  If you’ve come by for a visit, you’ve stepped over toys and books.  If you’ve come for dinner, you’ve eaten on mismatched chairs and tables marked with crayon, while looking at a wall with crayon illustrations.  I’d love for my house to look better, be more neatly decorated, and reflect this appreciation that I have each day for living here, but that doesn’t always happen.  In the meantime, I choose people.  I choose my kids crawling up in my lap.  I choose helping out a friend or a sibling by watching their kids amidst the mess my kids make each day.  I choose reconnecting with an old friend from high school and her family over dinner on our mismatched dining room “furniture”.  I choose people over perfection.  Try it sometime!


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