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Thoughtful Thursday November 26, 2009

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With the holidays and the baby’s arrival quickly approaching, I’m getting a little behind.  However, I couldn’t let Thoughtful Thursday go by without posting.  This week didn’t start out so great.  Thirty-six weeks pregnant, six young children, a week of no school (which means hearing “What are we doing today?” all day), and holiday festivities to prepare for…That’s a lot, folks.  Even if you take away a few of the kids, that’s still a pretty big load.  So, the days have been a little tough, and I’ve gotten the “let me know if you need anything” kind of offers for help, but when you’ve been doing this as long as I have, you know those don’t really mean that someone is interested in helping you.  Let’s review…36 wks, 6 littles, holiday prep, uhhhh yeah, help would be good.  It didn’t happen, though, and I was left on my own this week.  It was tough.  The kids are used to the morning being active and structured, two things that are not my forte even when I’m not a month shy of delivering a baby!  BUT, do you know what my thoughtful husband did?  He brought home dinner, which he is always willing to do to make life easier, but he also brought home A DOZEN ROSES for me!  Not just flowers, but roses.  No hints or references needed.  He just did it on his own.  When I asked him last night why he chose roses, he said that roses are the flower most representative and associated with love, and he wanted me to know how much he loves me.  Ya’ll, he hasn’t done something like that in FOREVER!  Sure, he’s Superman because he makes seven lunches four days a week, bathes children without complaint, and will do not only his own laundry, but ours too.  Romance just isn’t his thing.  He’s no good at it now that we have so much other stuff occupying our time, and if I’m really honest, he never really was that great at it.  But he got it right this week, a week that I needed it more than any week that comes to mind right now (though I am sure there are plenty to choose from if I think about it long enough).  I know that even without those kinds of things, he loves me.  But man, when you do something that thoughtful, take that little bit of extra time and money to make an outward gesture of your love for me, I am moved.  I’m one of those sappy gals.  I don’t want to trade it for practicality.  My sweet friend from hs, who also married her hs love, got swept off her feet when the hubs cleaned out the fridge the other night.  I feel that!  That works for me too!  But I’m just one of those girls who likes the flowers, not to make up for you being an idiot, but the ones that say ‘just because.’  And I got those this week from my Superman.


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