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Fix-it Friday November 27, 2009

Filed under: Fix-it Friday — jps23 @ 10:50 pm

One word- SUPERGLUE.  Where would this world be without it?  It is the fix-it to a lot of problems around here, like putting back together a glass ball ornament that has S4’s handprint on it from two years ago.  It’s bad enough the computer crashed last year with most of the not-backed-up photos of the boys as babies on it.  Now his ornament?  S1 was getting a little excited filling her hands with ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree, and I reminded her for the fourth time that she can only hold one ornament at a time.  So, she puts his ornament down ON THE PIANO.  Sweet little homeschooled girl didn’t realize that a ball will roll off of a flat surface, especially when the surface is only three inches deep!  I was furious, so I sent her and the other two girls to bed (the boys were already down for the night).  I glued it back together.  Fortunately, the paint from his handprint allowed the pieces to break in larger sizes.  The opposite side was completely shattered.  So I glued it back together with superglue in the hopes that I can just replicate it on a new ball.  His hand was just so tiny!  That ornament has to be recreated.  Thank you, superglue.


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