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Fix-it Friday December 5, 2009

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Plenty to fix around here, but not a whole lot of extra time to fix it!  With the baby soon to arrive and the holidays surrounding us, we aren’t working on fixing much lately.  Our plan is to assign each month of next year a task or goal regarding our “new” old house, and while missed pay due to maternity leave is going to pinch our budget next month, the first month we do have some extra cash will be the month we focus on fixing plumbing fixtures and drips and leaks.  We have a constant drip in both upstairs showers, and we haven’t even tried the basement shower.  That bathroom needs a complete re-do!  We hope to eventually completely remodel the upstairs bathrooms, combining the two 5’X7′ (approx) rooms into one larger bathroom, but that is on the list with purchasing the house, replacing the windows, and getting central A/C installed and the furnace replaced.  We also are dreaming of a kitchen remodel, but again, it’s on the list.

I guess our fix-it focus is more on the kids right now and their frequent meltdowns.  As much as they love a new brother or sister, the weeks leading up to D-day are a very anxious time for them.  No matter how many times they’ve done this, I guess they always worry about what it means in regards to their place and importance in the family.  Put that on top of getting through the holidays with SENSE-ational kids, and it can be pretty exhausting for us all.  I’m counting down the days, walking as much as I can, and doing a few other things (wink-wink) to try and speed up the process.  Hopefully, there will have been some change this week so my midwife can help me along at Wednesday’s appointment.  Once the baby is born, I will take a small break from blogging, but probably no more than I do by just forgetting to sit down and post as it is!  Pray for the baby, of course, but also for the other kids, as they handle this transition to a family of nine!  We are so blessed, but blessed doesn’t always mean it’s easy!  Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers.


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