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Thoughtful Thursday December 5, 2009

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I am so behind in my posting.  For my thoughtful Thursday post, though, I’d like to highlight my friend, Allison.  She and I have become buddies since teaching this homeschool co-op class together this year.  She is a certified art teacher, and as assumed, she is very creative and neat and crafty.  As a baby gift to us, she wanted to come and help do some painting in our house.  We moved in almost six months ago, and while most of the painting was done by my MIL, FIL, aunt, and the hubs and me, there were a few things not done.  Namely, the kitchen and the cavernous stairwell leading to the basement, which is where the girls’ room is located.  The longer they stayed down there, the more they would come up in the middle of the night with an excuse not to stay down there.  While their room is painted, the rest of the basement is not so inviting, and they don’t have doors on their room yet, either.  So, Allison asked me what she could paint as a gift to us, and I asked her about painting the stairwell.  She was more than happy to oblige, and she has a great idea for a mural of grass, sky, and flowers using materials other than paint.  I am also going to buy a paper lamp from IKEA, since I saw that they carry them in yellow, and when Superman moves the light box from the top of the stairs in the kitchen to inside the stairwell, we will mount it and have a beautiful sunshine to look at everyday, no matter the weather outside!  Allison has spent two days at the house working on this so far, donating paint that she had, and even allowing the kids to help her a little along the way.  I will definitely post photos when it is completed.  It had to be the dirtiest set of walls in the house, and the steps were looking rough after ripping up carpet that has been on them ever since I can remember (it was my grandmother’s home for about 40 years before our moving into it).  She is so thoughtful to give of her time and talents as a gift.  When you have six kids already, you hold on to things like clothes and toys and those bulk baby items.  There is little that you require other than those tiny diapers!  She is also giving us her double stroller (ours is six and a half years old and well worn!) and loaning us her crib indefinitely.  Our crib had a 15-yr warranty, or 3 kids, which we passed in less than three years!  Not to mention, it’s been put together and taken apart so many times, the drop side mechanism finally broke.  We certainly got our money’s worth out of it!  Allison has been a blessing to have in the classroom, and there are many days that juggling large family life and work were so hard I could have quit.  However, having her on my team has kept me going and encouraged me in ways that I can’t begin to describe.  Getting a friendship out of it all was a bonus, and all this extra stuff is something I could never have dreamed.  That is why Allison is the focus of my thoughtful Thursday post.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your friendship, Allison!


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