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Manage-it Monday December 7, 2009

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Christmas photo cards:  They are precious ways to stay in touch with friends, old and current.  They also are something that you know your friends and family have taken time and money to produce, so you certainly don’t want to toss them or stick them in another box in a closet.  In the past, we have placed them at the end of our annual family scrapbook, but in the age of digital scrapbooking, that isn’t really an option.  I came across this adorable idea tonight while visiting some of my favorite blogs.  Cut out your photos and put magnetic tape on the backs of them, placing them as magnets on your refrigerator.  She has suggestions for keeping the outline of the card and using it as a puzzle for the cutouts of the people, also.  It looks like a fun idea, takes less room on your fridge than posting the entire card, and it allows you to “see” your friends throughout the year.  A friend of mine keeps a basket on the table where her family then pulls a card each day (they get a lot of Christmas cards) and prays for that family.  You could make a little frame for the “family of the day (or week, month, etc.)” to move each magnet into and pray for them.  The blog host also suggests adding birthday hats on the days your friends celebrate their birthdays, and other fun ideas along those lines.

Here’s the link to her blog.  Check out the idea if  you think you might like it!


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