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Meet S7 December 27, 2009

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Meet S7

It’s been a little over two weeks since S7 came into our lives, if you don’t count the nine months prior that he was growing in the womb!  The kids are still just as in love with him as the first day he came home, if not more so, and he is beginning to be awake enough to notice them.  Nursing is going well, which hasn’t always been the case for me, and although we are going at it every two hours when awake and about three hours apart at night, I am just grateful we are having a successful go at it this time.  He had to do the bilirubin lights for jaundice in his first week, but they were delivered to the house and a visiting nurse came out each day to do his blood draw.  I don’t know his weight right now, but he is growing!  He is still sleeping quite a bit, but he does have moments where he stays awake.  The kids can’t get enough of holding him.  I’ve actually had to tell them “no” to their requests to hold him just to give him a little break!  I think that’s a good problem to have, though!

Since I’m off my blogging schedule, I think I’ll catch up over the next few days by introducing you to my kids.  I’m using little code names simply because I’ve read that it’s recommended in the blogging world if you have traffic from people other than folks you know.  So, enjoy getting to know my kids this next week.  I know I like them!


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