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Live out loud December 30, 2009

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Somewhere during my pregnancy with S2, I happened upon a conversation between two friends.  One is a mother of six children, while the other was trying to decide when and if she should have another baby.  Basically, the mom of six was sharing her view of family size and spacing, which basically boiled down to trusting God to make that decision for your family.  After all, He knows us better than we know ourselves.  Now, the conversation wasn’t that brief, and our decision was not made instantly.  However, it was the catalyst for where we are today.  It was a conversation that sat heavy on my heart.  I talked with Superman about it, we spent time reading over scripture and praying, and I read the book entitled ‘A Full Quiver’ by Rick and Jan Hess.  He and I came to the conclusion that this was what God wanted us to do.  I conceive very easily (obviously), which I had learned wasn’t something that happened to everyone.  My pregnancies are fairly easy and pretty normal.  I had some pre-term stuff with the first two, but I later learned that I just have an irritable uterus.  I also learned that my cervix is pretty stubborn, so the pairing just means more of an annoyance later in the pregnancy than it does risk.  So, we made the decison to let God be the One who decides when we get pregnant again.  We don’t try to get pregnant, but we also don’t prevent it, in any way.  There is no charting of cycles and counting days.  If we’re in the mood, we go for it; if not, we don’t.  So, 11 1/2 months after the birth of S2, we were blessed with our third daughter, S3.

S3 lives out loud.  I don’t know any other way to describe her!  She likes things to be loud, fast, and active.  She growled as a baby, and she was such a bouncy child I wondered if she was part Tigger!  She is currently five years old, but there are many, many days that I have to remind myself that she is “only” five years old.  I guess that comes from having two older sisters.  There isn’t anything she won’t try, and if she doesn’t succeed, it rolls right off her back and she moves onto something else.  There are so many ways she is different from her sisters, but there are ways they are similar, as well.  I always said that if I never had a boy, she was close enough!  She’s a wild child.  One of our kid friends used to refer to her, affectionately, as “crazy baby!”  She has striking features that leave many commenting on her beauty, but she is oblivious to it.  She is loud and she seems to live in the extreme.  She is a great little student, already reading quite proficiently, while the other two did not pick it up as easily.  She has just recently started taking gymnastics, which she absolutely loves, and it is definitely something she was made to do!  She gets all her bouncing and movement out of her system that way!  She prefers love and attention from you over any gift or present.  She doesn’t seem to mind being the little sister, except on a rare occasion when she is tired or worn out.  She is a great big sister to her brothers, and she will sometimes restate a request I’ve made of them unsuccessfully, and they’ll do it with excitement!  When I first learned I was pregnant with S2 and she was a girl, I couldn’t imagine loving another little girl the way I love S1.  She was the perfect little girl.  But when I had S2 and then S3, I realized every child is a perfect gift.  God definitely knew what He was doing.

Our little gymnast

My wild child


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