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A Satisfactory Sunday January 31, 2010

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Today was a wonderful day!  Not a highly unusual amount of chaos.  It was limited to the kids following Picasso down to the bottom of the driveway (which is just past a blind curve) and some chaos surrounding their playing with the gigi-ball, an oversized inflatable ball that they can actually climb into.  It was a gift from Superman’s aunt, who always seems to get the fun or wacky gifts!

This was a Christmas gift to them.  It was fun, but it took all of two minutes for one of those chambers to start losing air, not to mention the three that were already losing air after blowing it up out of the box.  It had a 150 lb weight limit, but it obviously was not tested with a family of six little wild ones!  It certainly was fun for the afternoon, and the kids could care less that some of the chambers are already busted, so I’m sure we’ll get plenty more fun out of it before having to throw it away.

Me and the older five went to church this morning, where we were hosting a service featuring the preschool that calls our church home.  This is our “school”.  Yes, we are a homeschooling family, but this year I was asked to teach a first grade homeschool co-op class at our preschool, so that is what I mean when I talk about the kids going to school and me going to work.  We had 94 kids there this morning, counting church and school kids!   The girls thought it was great that they were actually both!  I helped with two’s today in the classroom, so I didn’t see the entire service, but the immediate feedback seemed pretty positive.  I heard a lot of people simply amazed at the number of children in the building!  Superman still isn’t crazy about the idea of getting Tipper out, so he stayed home with the baby and Bulldozer, simply because I don’t have three hands and can’t run in three different directions when the boys decide to!

We also took a little family walk today, to try out our new stroller.  I had never seen one of these before, but I came across one while blog surfing the other day.  I think it was actually an ad or something, but either way, it grabbed my eye.  It’s a Joovy Big Caboose, a two seater with a platform and a little jump seat for a third passenger, which is great for Earnhart and Smiley because they don’t really like riding in the actual stroller anymore.  I looked it up on Craig’s list and found one for $200, which was about $180 less than the original price, but still too much for me to spend without the money set aside.  Lo and behold, my aunt and grandmother on my dad’s side gave us $100 as a baby gift.  I looked it up on Craig’s list again and found one for $175, less than half the original price.  It was gently used over a span of seven months.  The trays were still in the plastic!  And the fabric was spotless.  They obviously don’t use things with the vigor that we do!  It’s fantastic!  Wanna see?  (That weird thing on the front is the carseat attachment, which we took off with the push of a button so Smiley could ride in the front.)

Tipper stayed inside with Superman, I pushed Smiley and Bulldozer, and the four biggest rode their bikes.  I wish I had taken the camera.  Superman never thinks to take pictures.  It was the cutest thing, and it put the biggest smile on my face!  When we got back, I started cleaning out the bus while the kids played outside.  I filled an entire kitchen trash bag with trash out of the bus!  That’s going to change, or they’ll be cleaning out from under the seats next time.

All in all, we had a wonderful, chaos-free day!  It can happen!


Fix-it Friday January 29, 2010

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This post is in regards to fixing the names on the blog for better clarification.  Just posting that chaos clip had me confused, and I’m the mom!  So, let me introduce my brood with more distinct names for your blog reading pleasure…

Picasso (formerly known as S1)- I chose this name because she is a little artist.  She has always loved to draw, but her artistic talent extends to her creative mind, her ballet dancing, and her fashion centered mind.

Cowgirl (S2)- This one is pretty obvious.  The girl LOVES horses, and she actually will be starting horse riding lessons next Saturday.  It’s the obvious name choice for her.

Mary Lou (S3)- This one is our gymnast.  So this is her obvious name choice.  Her other love is Dora, but she is likely to outgrow this love in the next year or two.  I didn’t want to call her Dora when I was blogging about her first training bra!

Earnhart (S4)- The boy loves cars, as they all do, but he can drive!  He maneuvers his bike and ride-on toys like my dad did when he drove a big rig.  It’s quite amazing to watch!

Smily (S5)- My dad nicknamed one of the boys smily when he was a baby, but I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly which boy it was.  Either way, this boy smiles all the time, and when he cries, a simple kiss makes it all better and he is back to smiling again.  He smiles with his entire face, too.  You can’t help but smile when you see it!

Bulldozer (S6)- I may shorten this to ‘dozer’ for conveneince one day.  This boy has been a bulldozer since he could move!  He gets to what he wants, no matter what, or who, is in the way!  I can definitely see him playing football one day.

Tipper (S7)- I may change this as he develops a personality and I find something that fits him better, but for now we’ll use this.  Why Tipper?  He tipped the scales in the boys’ favor when he joined our family.  Plus, I think it sounds cute!

So there you have it.  I used my limited energy (it’s been a busy week) and fixed any confusion from all my little S’s.  Hope it helps.


Chaos clip

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I thought is would be fun to post little chaos clips.  What is that, you ask?  Well, when there has been a moment of sheer chaos that makes me either laugh or break down into tears, or maybe laugh until I cry or cry until I laugh, I thought I’d post it.  I also thought it would be a great chance for me to vent over the occurance without yelling at a child or the man who impregnated me with all of them!

Chaos clip #1- Inaugural edition (drum roll please…….)

I was nursing S7 in the chair while the kids were playing.  The girls were working on their calendars and the boys were playing hide and seek in a large suitcase.  One would count while the other hid in the suitcase.  S6 was wandering around the house with a stinky diaper, playing here and there.  The big boys start fighting over the suitcase.  I get up and deal with that.  I go back to nursing and the two younger girls go get clothes for themselves and their buddies.  S3 even got a pull-up for S5 and started to change him.  Oops, she didn’t check the current diaper for poop.  He pulls his feet out of his pants and diaper and leans back on the clean blankets I washed YESTERDAY!  Before then, they hadn’t been washed in over a month.  Thanks, S5.  I get up, put the baby in the swing and LOCK HIM IN, and go tend to the poop situation.  Rabbit drops, thank goodness.  In the meantime, S6 sticks his finger and thumb in his diaper.  Guess what.  He didn’t pull out a plum.  Yes, all of this in a span of about ten minutes.


It’s been a while… January 28, 2010

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Yes, I have found myself a little too busy to blog these days.  Now that I don’t have a “perscription” to sit on my fanny and rest, I find it hard to make myself sit and blog.  There is so much I want to tell you, but there is so much calling me around here.  You know how it goes, too, if you have a newborn.  If they need you, you are there for them, and they don’t really work with schedules.  If they don’t, you are grabbing up every chance that they don’t to get things done or just rest.  I don’t want to just ramble on here, and the few opportunities I’ve had to blog, my mind was absolute mush.  So, this is my attempt to get back on schedule.  I’m going to give you a peek into our most recent chaos, as it comes in droves around here!

This past Friday, I took S7 to the doctor to have his congestion listened to.  The older sibs all had some sort of stuffiness or runny noses this week, and since they can’t seem to keep their hands off their sweet little brother, one of them shared their germs with him.  When he started having trouble keeping his feedings down, I thought it was time to visit the doctor.  She heard some crackling on one side of his chest and decided he needed to go to the children’s hospital to be checked out a little further.  The official diagnosis was bronchiolitis, which is basically a cold in a baby with bronchiales too small for the congestion to move through.  He had to have the assitance of oxygen to breath, and it took him the entire weekend to be able to breath undistressed without it.  Superman went home Sunday to pick up the kids, get them ready for school the next day, and get ready for work, and the bus has some overheating going on.  It was a crack in the radiator.  Pop came to the rescue and sealed it, which will hopefully be a good fix until we can replace it.  We get home on Monday and rest until the kids are delivered home from the grandparents’ houses.  The next day, I go to pick up the kids after meeting Superman for lunch, and I get a flat tire on the red van.  Did I mention that Superman got poked in eye at the dinner table Monday night?  S6 threw his hand up in the air while  in Daddy’s lap and poked him in the eye.  So, the flat tire is a huge inconvenience because the next day, Superman’s eye is so irritated that it is super sensitive to the sun, making it near impossible to drive.  I have to take him to get his eye checked out, which can’t be done at the local Lenscrafter’s without paying 129 bucks to do so.  They recommend he go see his PCP and get a referral for an opthamologist.  Well, my mom’s working that day, his mom’s on her way out of town for a funeral, and I have to pick of the kids soon, so no one can take him.  He ends up calling his grandparents and his Poppie takes him to both doctors and Waffle House for lunch.  In the meantime, I pick up the girls from school, while the boys go home with my mom.  I drop them off for a playdate, trade S7 for S5 and S6 at my mom’s house, and head over to the Babies Can’t Wait center for therapy.  We wrap up therapy, I pick up S4 and S7 from Grandma’s, the girls from their playdate, and head home in time to whip up a couple of boxes of mac and cheese before we leave for church.  Is that all?  I know I must have left something out.  This is our life.  Chaos is an understatement some days.

Wrapping up on a good note, however, I managed to schedule S2’s first horse riding lesson.  If you know us in real life, you know how much this girl obsesses over loves horses!  She has wanted to be a bona-fide cowgirl for quite some time now, and it is finally coming true!  Her first lesson is scheduled for February 6th, and I don’t know who is more excited- me or her!


Fix-it Friday January 16, 2010

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The solution I wanted to post about requires a picture for full effect, but my camera is out of batteries and I have to also figure out how to blur names in the photo before posting it.  Thankfully (or not), my fridge gave me something to post about instead!

I was getting ice today and noticed that it was different, almost melting.  I also noticed some ice on the outside of some of our frozen products and thought maybe someone left the freezer open.  No biggie.  Well, when Superman got home from work tonight and was fixing a drink, he noticed the ice was MELTING and things were defrosting.  CRAP!!!  The fridge was an old one that his parents gave us, but it wasn’t OLD.  It was the newest of the three we have around this house (my grandmother’s old one, that kind of quit working after we moved in- which was probably because it was used to cooling food for one person instead of an entire baseball team!; the old one we had when we lived in Statesboro 12 years ago, which was old when it was given to us; and the one from Superman’s parents).  So we check the fridge part to see what was going on, and it felt warm.  Nothing was running, but the lights were still working (this freezer has a light, which I love!), so we didn’t know what was going on.  A bad compressor, maybe?  We’re not real smart when it comes to this stuff.  So we call SM’s dad, and he tells us that it must have been the compressor that went out, which probably can’t be replaced because they seal the back of fridges nowadays.  Um, thanks, I really want to buy a new appliance when a small part fails.  Now, this wasn’t the end of the world because we do have back ups, but we had big plans for purging, cleaning, and organizing this weekend, and shifting fridges was going to put a kink in that.  So we moved the food and tried unplugging the fridge and plugging it back in.

In the meantime, we noticed that the little buttons to adjust the range of coolness had been moved.  On a range of nine, with nine being the coolest, one was on zero (the freezer, I’m guessing), and the other was on five.  Uh yeah, problem fixed.  Thanks to an unknown set of curious hands, we had a little extra stress for a few moments…because, of course, we don’t have enough of that already.  🙂


Wordless Wednesday January 13, 2010

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Homework Stations January 12, 2010

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At the beginning of the school year, I sent home a copy of an idea from one of the parent magazines for a homework station.  Busy with teaching and tired from being pregnant, I started the project for my kids but never finished it.  It is still not completely finished, but it is close enough.  Now, this could also be called a work station for any homeschool moms who don’t have “homework”, since all work done at home would technically be homework!  The girls love them, and they are eager to do their homework now that they have these.  My kids have a tendency to carry things off and lose them (A LOT!), so they have been told that the items in their stations can only be used for homework.  Drumroll, please……………..

The left side has pink clips for clipping up a sheet of paper, or a few.  The little squares are addition and subtraction charts for the girls to use  to check their work or help them figure out the answer.  My girls aren’t quite at the point where they have figured out they can be totally lazy and use this as their answer without trying to figure it out on their own.  In addition to this, they are also in the memorizing stage of the game, so the more they see a fact, the better they will know it.  And yes, that is a calculator in the middle.  They don’t really know how to use it except for very basic functions.  Above that area is where I am going to put the metal strips that IKEA sells with magnets for hanging artwork, and I will put magnets on their scissors and other tools they might use.  I just have to find the strips first.  They are deep in some box that has yet to be unpacked from our move (six months ago).  On the right side, there is a pencil box and a velcroed pencil sharpener so they can take it off to use it.  I also bought them a giant pencil from the Dollar Tree and told them it is their homework pencil, only to be used for homework!  Everything else came from the Tree, except the pencil sharpener, which was from Target for $1.29 a piece.  We plan on painting the back of them, which is covered in print and cardboard colored, and also decorating the front and back with stickers (a little, but not too much).

They are super excited about these, which helps them stay focused, when they aren’t playing bank or “pencil friends”, which is a game where their pencils are like people, and they have this complete situational interaction with their pencils.  There’s a mom, dad, sister, friend, etc.  Yeah, they are weirdly creative like that.  The other game they played tonight was “chapstick friends” with the two new sticks of chapstick that I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

I’m planning on trying to link this to one of my favorite blogs, We Are That Family, tomorrow for her Works For Me Wednesday post (which I think is called a blog carnival in blogland, but I’m still learning, so I’m not real sure).  I’m nervous because it exposes my blog to people who are actually good at this kind of thing, but I’m going for it anyway!