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The boy January 3, 2010

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I was often known to say that if I never had a boy, S3 acted enough like one in her personality to cover that for me.  She was very active and physical, certainly as much as any boy.  And then I had one.  S4 is our oldest son.  He makes S3 look feminine and fru-fru!  He is loud.  He is very active and physical.  He loves riding his bike, and he actually prefers to ride his sister’s sixteen-inch bike (with training wheels).  He only has one speed, and that is fast.  He loves cars and anything else with wheels, for that matter.  When he was just a baby, the floor could be covered with “girl” toys, and he’d find the one thing with wheels and play with it.  If it didn’t have wheels, he’d drive it anyway.  He used the girls’ dollhouse as a parking garage.  The cute thing about S4 is that he wears glasses.  He’s actually worn them since he was just one-year-old.  His official diagnosis is amblyopia, a condition where the eye can become lazy.  The glasses serve to hold the muscles firm in the affected eye by using a lens that makes them work.  They can’t say for sure if he will wear them indefinitely, but it’s been almost two years, and while it hasn’t gotten worse, it also hasn’t gotten any better.  He also requires a slight prescription in one eye now, so I guess that alone will keep him in glasses.  It’s rare to find this diagnosis in such a young child, but there is a story that goes with that that will have to be saved for another post.  At eight days old, he was diagnosed with viral meningitis and we spent eight days in the hospital getting him better.  It’s a much longer story than this, so I’ll post on it another time.  He also has to wear ankle-foot orthodics, which could or could not have to do with the meningitis.  He has a mild diagnosis of cerebral palsy due to a one sided weakness (which probably explains the eye issue, too).  He doesn’t let either of these things slow him down, and it almost seems like they propel him to try harder in everything that he does.  His teacher says he’s the peacemaker at school, but at home, he is quite the instigator!  He loves and adores his sisters, looking up to them in everything they do.  He isn’t always as grateful for his brothers, but he does have moments of tenderness with them that are more frequent than when he does not.  He certainly wears me out, but I love him!

Wow, this car has five wheels!

Our little man


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