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And then there were two January 5, 2010

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We had some family pictures made when I was pregnant with S5, and one of the shots included the girls putting pearls and feather boas all over their baby brother, S4.  I’m sure he is so glad that was a one time thing and he would soon be joined by some testosterone!  S5 was born just shy of a year after S4, and he was a precious gift.  He is just two and a half years old at this point, but he is definately one of those children that has “an old soul.”  He is quite precious, with the sweetest little voice.  It is almost whispery.  Now, he is completely capable of louder, and he speaks that way quite frequently with his older brother!  We are just seeing that competitive nature in boys between the two of them.  Needless to say, it should be interesting between the four boys over the years.

S5 loves letters!  He learned them all with the help of the PBS show “Superwhy”, upper and lower case letters.  He’s also pretty good with numbers, too, but this boy lights up at the sight of letters.  He reads them off of billboards and magazines, books and t-shirts.  He is especially excited when he sees the letter that starts his name!  He never has a boo-boo that a kiss can’t fix.  When he cries, I ask him if he wants a kiss, and when you give it to him, he sweetly says, “All better!”  He, too, loves cars, but he also loves playing with balls.  He has a favorite Little Einsteins ball that he loves, probably because he loves Little Einsteins.  Music moves him, quite literally.  He loves to dance and jump to any song he hears.  Right now, he loves to sing his blessing, and he cheers every time we do it.  He also has picked up taking a bow after he performs.  That was a trick that Grandma taught to S4, so maybe she had something to do with it!  One of his cute things right now is when he blinks.  He has beautifully long eyelashes, and he blinks them often and does it almost in slow motion.  He seems insightful, though we won’t know if he is until he gets a little older.  He just seems to think about things before he says them and truly listen when you are speaking to him.  He likes quiet time, and he seeks it quite often.  He HATES bedtime, fighting it every night, and waking quite frequently through the night to climb in bed with Daddy or have Daddy snuggle with him in his own bed.  It’s not hard for Superman to do.  The boy is just so stinkin’ sweet!  When he cries out your name and you know the fix is just snuggling up next to him, you kind of give in.  S5 is a precious son, and I can’t wait to see how he grows and changes over the next few years!

At our church Christmas program

Being his cute self!


One Response to “And then there were two”

  1. Catherine Says:

    His description reminds me of Brock!! Even their hair is the same!!!

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