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A Satisfactory Sunday January 31, 2010

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Today was a wonderful day!  Not a highly unusual amount of chaos.  It was limited to the kids following Picasso down to the bottom of the driveway (which is just past a blind curve) and some chaos surrounding their playing with the gigi-ball, an oversized inflatable ball that they can actually climb into.  It was a gift from Superman’s aunt, who always seems to get the fun or wacky gifts!

This was a Christmas gift to them.  It was fun, but it took all of two minutes for one of those chambers to start losing air, not to mention the three that were already losing air after blowing it up out of the box.  It had a 150 lb weight limit, but it obviously was not tested with a family of six little wild ones!  It certainly was fun for the afternoon, and the kids could care less that some of the chambers are already busted, so I’m sure we’ll get plenty more fun out of it before having to throw it away.

Me and the older five went to church this morning, where we were hosting a service featuring the preschool that calls our church home.  This is our “school”.  Yes, we are a homeschooling family, but this year I was asked to teach a first grade homeschool co-op class at our preschool, so that is what I mean when I talk about the kids going to school and me going to work.  We had 94 kids there this morning, counting church and school kids!   The girls thought it was great that they were actually both!  I helped with two’s today in the classroom, so I didn’t see the entire service, but the immediate feedback seemed pretty positive.  I heard a lot of people simply amazed at the number of children in the building!  Superman still isn’t crazy about the idea of getting Tipper out, so he stayed home with the baby and Bulldozer, simply because I don’t have three hands and can’t run in three different directions when the boys decide to!

We also took a little family walk today, to try out our new stroller.  I had never seen one of these before, but I came across one while blog surfing the other day.  I think it was actually an ad or something, but either way, it grabbed my eye.  It’s a Joovy Big Caboose, a two seater with a platform and a little jump seat for a third passenger, which is great for Earnhart and Smiley because they don’t really like riding in the actual stroller anymore.  I looked it up on Craig’s list and found one for $200, which was about $180 less than the original price, but still too much for me to spend without the money set aside.  Lo and behold, my aunt and grandmother on my dad’s side gave us $100 as a baby gift.  I looked it up on Craig’s list again and found one for $175, less than half the original price.  It was gently used over a span of seven months.  The trays were still in the plastic!  And the fabric was spotless.  They obviously don’t use things with the vigor that we do!  It’s fantastic!  Wanna see?  (That weird thing on the front is the carseat attachment, which we took off with the push of a button so Smiley could ride in the front.)

Tipper stayed inside with Superman, I pushed Smiley and Bulldozer, and the four biggest rode their bikes.  I wish I had taken the camera.  Superman never thinks to take pictures.  It was the cutest thing, and it put the biggest smile on my face!  When we got back, I started cleaning out the bus while the kids played outside.  I filled an entire kitchen trash bag with trash out of the bus!  That’s going to change, or they’ll be cleaning out from under the seats next time.

All in all, we had a wonderful, chaos-free day!  It can happen!


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