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Chaos Clip February 4, 2010

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Today was a circus day.  It was a day where more than one person’s help was needed to get our day accomplished.  The middle two boys went home with my mom after school, and a friend took the girls for the afternoon so I could take Earnhart to his eye appointment.  Let me back up a moment and fill you in.  Disorganization costs you, and this time it cost us $85.00 and a trip to the eye doctor.  We had an appointment scheduled for Earnhart.  He has amblyopia, which left untreated can result in lazy eye, so he has glasses.  Last year, he actually required more than just a corrective lens and he was written a prescription for his lenses (is that the plural form of lens?  I don’t feel like looking it up).  Superman We forgot to move the appointment from the 2009 calendar to the 2010 calendar, so when the appointment came, it also went, without us remembering it.  I called to reschedule as soon as I realized this, and the earliest date available for our doctor in the office closer to us was mid-March.  Uh, are you serious?!?!  So we tried the office on the north side of Atlanta and found the same time frame for our doctor.  They did, however, have an earlier appointment available with another doctor.  Okay, we’ll take it.

Today was that day.  Circus plan activated and off we go.  Well, my mom called me on my way up to the appointment to vent about a tough day.  I listen while I drive, but for some reason I think I need to go I-75 instead of I-85 at the split.  No biggie.  I’ll turn around at the next exit, EXCEPT that the on ramp back to southbound was backed up due to an accident.  So, I go through town to try and find another access ramp to I-85.  I take a right to head towards the exit, and the van cuts off mid-turn.  Just past the intersection on a busy Atlanta street, with Earnhart and Tipper in the back.  GLORIOUS!  I call Superman and let him know, so he heads up to meet me, and in the meantime, I flag down an Atlanta police woman who drives by, looking all too thrilled that I bothered her (she did sweeten up after seeing my two cute boys).  She calls a tow truck (because I can’t do anything with the van to get it going) and offers to take me and the boys to the precinct to wait for Superman.  The problem is that his cell phone is dead and I couldn’t call him to tell him that was the plan.  Fortunately for me, he arrived just in time, right as I was signing the slip with the $85 charge to tow my van to my house.  Earnhart loved sitting in the back of the police car, but alas, it was time to head home and stop interfering in the Atlanta afternoon traffic.  The tow truck guy, Kelvin, actually knew the area where we lived because his aunt used to live over here, and he currently resides in the city we moved from six months ago.  Very friendly.  I told Superman that I feel like God has sent angels to me in crisis situations to help take my mind off of the crazy hysteria that would settle in if I thought too long and hard about my situation.  I failed to mention that I was already frustrated about my turn around and the fact it was going to make me late, and I was yelling speaking to Superman about being tired of never getting anywhere on time.  How about I just don’t show up at all?  Pretty mad, but Kelvin helped me forget it, or at least not be as mad about it.  And he can drive a mean tow truck.  He backed our van, attached to his tow truck (not the bed kind), up our 57 degree-steep driveway, when Superman and I aren’t brave enough to do that driving our vehicles ourselves!   Thank you, God, for Kelvin, and the annoyed police officer who couldn’t help but smile at my sons, for Superman putting on his cape (or 12-passenger van) and flying to my rescue, and for allowing me to get lost so that I was on a city street instead of the interstate when my van decided to misbehave.


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  1. Lord have mercy, this is SO my life! We are now the proud owners of a AAA membership, which pretty much means that nothing bad is every going to happen to our cars now that we have a cushion. LOL

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