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I know a girl who loves horses February 6, 2010

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Today was Cowgirl’s first horse riding lesson.  She’s been counting down the days, and it has been raining and cold for THREE WHOLE DAYS!  I asked her instructor if we could just come by and see the stables anyway, so she wouldn’t be grossly disappointed, and she agreed.  She also let Cowgirl ride a bit, which was a wonderful surprise to both Cowgirl and me.  I don’t know if you remember from a previous post, or from just knowing us, but CG has an autism spectrum disorder.  One of the tendencies of kids like her is called perseveration, which basically is like obsession, only with a much less negative connotation.  Horses have been a perseveration for CG over the past two years.  I couldn’t identify the origin, but she has always loved some type of animal.  It started with whales, and belugas to be specific.  Then is was butterflies (which I realize aren’t animals, but they are a living creature).  We spent one day going to six different stores to find a bathing suit with butterflies on it because her grandmother had kept her bathing suit to wash, and no other suit would do.  She loved Diego at age three because he was an animal rescuer.  I even made her a bathing suit that year out of a boy’s Diego suit and a color coordinating girl’s suit because she didn’t understand gender marketing!  It became horses when she was about four, and that love has only grown stronger over the last two years.  Fortunately for us, a few friends led us to her instructor for horse riding lessons.  Of course, before really knowing her, CG is her very best friend, and it isn’t freaking out our instructor.  She seems to be cool with CG’s obsessive love.  I am so thankful.  Today was one of those days I stood and watched my baby girl with tears in my eyes.  When we received her diagnosis four years ago, I didn’t even know if she would ever say “I love you.”  She has said that and so much more.  Horses are commonly used in therapy for many children with different types of special needs.  I can’t wait to see what this experience will do for her.  If it does nothing and she just loves it, then that’s fine too.


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