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I knew this would happen February 18, 2010

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I realized that keeping up with daily posts was easy when I was preparing to have a baby and then recovering from it.  It was when life got back to normal and I had to step back into Mommy-mode that those opportunities to blog would fall quickly to the wayside.  Oh well.  That’s life, I guess.  I also realize that even when I make time now, there is always something else to be done and this is just my way of avoiding it!  So I’ve decided to take the pressure off of myself and just blog when I can.  If it falls on a Monday, I’ll tell you how I manage something.  If it falls on a Friday, I’ll tell you how I fix something.  Any other time is open to free rambling.  I’m sure you understand.

Not much to say today, but I did want to post pictures from our fun in the snow.  Twice in one year is a bonus in Georgia!  We had so much fun with it, especially since this time around was better suited for making snowballs and snowmen!


One Response to “I knew this would happen”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Wow! You got some awesome pictures! Totally understand about the blogging. I don’t know how people update every single day.

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