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A new kind of birth to celebrate February 21, 2010

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That’s our first born with our children’s minister and dear friend, whom I’ll refer to as ‘Preacher’.  There’s a story behind her name, but I’ll go into that another time.  She baptized our sweet little girl into the kingdom this morning!

I told you previously that Picasso was ready.  She made this decision a couple of weeks ago, and we didn’t do it last week because my friend was guest preaching at a church for her professor (which is part of the story, but not all of it).  Anywho, Picasso decided that the next Sunday would be the day, which is today.  She was so excited that she called all of our family members to invite them to attend.  All I have thought about this week is that old song I remember from childhood- I’ll shout it from the mountain top.  I want the world to know, the Lord of love, has come to me.  I want to pass it on. Remember that one?  Yeah, she wanted to shout it from the mountian top, and spread it throughout the valley, too!  She went to bed last night around 8:30 or 9:00, and then woke up at 10:30 asking if it was morning yet.  She complained of her stomach hurting (nerves, I guess) and just couldn’t sleep.  The next morning, she was up in the 6:00 hour (I don’t like to look at a clock that early), and around 7:00, she asked if she could call Preacher and tell her how excited she was about being baptized.  I allowed her to call because I knew Preacher would be up early enough, and she got her voice mail and left her a message.  Preacher called right back and talked with her for a bit, sharing in her excitement.

When Picasso got to church, she went straight to the baptismal bathroom to drop off her bathing suit and hairbrush.  She was ready!  She got to practice sharing her confession in her worship service (our children’s department does a service with a format similar to “big people” church), and then she walked down with Preacher to share her confession with the adult congregation.  She was nervous, but she did such a great job!  It was so touching to have our sweet friend take our daughter’s confession and baptize her.  She shared that Picasso called her so early with such excitement and that she was really the reason we were at our church.  You see, we were visiting when we were pregnant with Picasso, and even though we had never attended our age-group Sunday school class, they brought us a week’s worth of meals when she was born.  We were so touched by their outpouring of love to us when they didn’t even know us.  They were loving like Jesus would love, so that got our attention and we gave them a chance.  Our life has been so blessed in the almost eight years since we’ve been there.  In addition to our obvious joy today, the sermon was amazing.  All of our family attended and joined us at home for lunch afterwards.  The weather was beautiful, the kids were well-behaved, and our precious first born celebrated with absolute joy and excitement her birth into the kingdom of God.


4 Responses to “A new kind of birth to celebrate”

  1. Trisha Says:

    I love this story! I love to see/hear of people excited about Jesus. And, I think there is no greater joy than sharing that faith with our kids. My story is slightly different becuase Jesus welcomed my little boy home already…but, none the less our kids are siblings in Christ!

  2. Stacie Says:

    This is a wonderful story, I’m so happy for her & for your family! I’m sure she will be a shining example of Christ’s love throughout her life!

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