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Please don’t put one more straw on my back! February 25, 2010

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Or this camel’s back might break!  I think I have found the place where I can’t do ONE MORE THING.  I’m not referring to number of kids here, either.  I’m simply referring to the demands that are piled upon me.  Today, while looking for the girls Fourth of July shirts for USA day at school, I realized how much I have still to do in my clothes sorting department.  I really think we have too many clothes, but I can’t get a moment to sort through them all.  Maybe today during rest time, if Tipper doesn’t decide to nurse or just need me to hold him during that time.  We are already skipping playgroup today.  I’ve decided that if the kids can’t pick up after themselves or speak kindly to their siblings or obey simple requests from mom and dad, then they don’t really deserve to go.  That’s not too unreasonable, is it?  And while my director has offered only two days for me to come back to work, as opposed to the four I was originally working, I don’t know if I can even juggle that!  Taking care of the baby and all the extra he brings is a lot harder than just being an incubator for him.  I’m just so overwhelmed.  This counts as a great chaos clip for today.  Just a random ramble to you since I am currently home alone with the baby and hubby is in an important meeting at work (so I can’t call or text him frantically today).  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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