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Easter love April 5, 2010

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We are so thankful that God gave us His Son so that we might be freed from our sins.  Wow.  It’s a sacrifice that is beyond words.  Imagine giving your only son or daughter to a world that didn’t even want him/her, a world that fights following that child every single day.  He climbed that hill of Calvary for us, was beaten and bruised and spat upon for us, and ultimately died on the Cross He carried… for us.  How do we thank Him?  How do we let Him know we appreciate that sacrifice?  Dressing in our Sunday best on Easter and attending church?  Sure, that doesn’t hurt, but He wants us to live our thankfulness and appreciation every day.  Are you?  As you ponder this, please enjoy the pictures of our family, celebrating that glorious day that He died so that we may live.

My mom in her happy place

The kids

My precious family


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