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25 things April 13, 2010

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I love reading these lists about other people, and since two people I know have recently done something like this, I’m itching to do the same.  Here are 25 things you may or may not know about me…

  1. I married my high school sweetheart when I was 19 and he had been 20 for one week.  I regret some financial  decisions we made, but I do not regret marrying him so young.  A small wedding and free honeymoon (his aunt’s lake cottage) were worth it if it meant we could start our life together.
  2. I always wanted to be a teacher until I had kids, and then I wanted to stay home with my children.  Our moms gave us that gift, and when I was dating Superman, he and I knew that we wanted our kids to have the same thing.  Deciding to homeschool our children has allowed me to be both the stay home mom and a teacher, and I love it!
  3. I am a middle child and fit the typical description of one for many years!  I love my siblings dearly, and I am more vulnerable with them than anyone on this earth.  No one can pull the emotional side of me out, good and bad, like they can.
  4. I am a rule follower.  I can’t even drive in the wrong way in our church parking lot without feeling rotten.
  5. I have never understood the obsession with labels and name brands, although I love me a good pair of Clarks!
  6. My house is a wreck, and I think it would be even if I only had two kids.  I’m a messy, creative, disorganized soul, and no matter how hard I have tried or how many books I have bought on the topic, I cannot get organized.
  7. My parents are my earthly heroes.  I don’t think they are perfect, but I have so much respect for them.  I don’t think my dad will ever know how proud I am of him in his career path as a truck driver, which he is now retired from.  And my mom has this thing for dealing with kids that even folks with a degree in some child friendly career can’t even touch.  They are amazingly talented people.
  8. I love my church.  I wish everyone had a church they love as much as I love mine.
  9. I don’t know where I would be in my faith walk without the small group Bible studies I’ve done over the years through our church.  There is so much you can learn from others that have walked before you, along side you, and even those behind you.
  10. I prefer the toilet paper to roll off of the top of the roll, thanks to working at Chick-Fil-A as a teenager.
  11. I think I would have been placed on the high end of the autism spectrum as a child if they knew then what we know now.  I have many sensory issues and similarities with Cowgirl that make me think that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
  12. I don’t want to be pregnant right now, and I’m not looking to reach a magic number.  I DO want to be a follower of God’s will for our lives, even if that means being pregnant right now.
  13. I prefer flip-flops, but I am supposed to wear tennis shoes with prescription arch supports for flat feet.
  14. I think true, sincere friendships are hard, but my three babes are totally worth it.
  15. Buying a brand new truck right out of college was the STUPIDEST thing I we ever did.
  16. Buying our first home was probably the second stupidest thing we ever did.
  17. I’m so glad I went to college and got my degree, but I have no desire for further formal learning.  I do, however, love reading books and researching all kinds of stuff.
  18. I let my teaching certificate expire, but I still think I can be the best teacher for my children.
  19. I have the best husband for me, and I’m so glad he’s mine.
  20. Raising boys is so much fun!  The girls are more of a challenge to me, but I think it’s because I feel the weight of getting it right with them more than I do with the boys.  Their daddy gets that weight.
  21. I want to raise my children to love God above everything else.  If they do that, He will work out the other stuff.
  22. I’m a problem solver.  I used to take it upon myself to be a solution to any problem that crossed my path.  I have to remind myself that God doesn’t need a side-kick in me and He has specific plans for me that are more important than being Oprah to everyone.
  23. I have way more days that I am overwhelmed with the blessings of a large family than I do days that I am overwhelmed by the laundry they produce.
  24. I taught myself how to sew, french braid hair, cut hair, and a few other things.  I feel a bit like a McGyver.
  25. I love the Andy Capp hot fries, but since they are too hot for me (yes, I’m a wimp), I prefer the Cheddar Cheese fries, which are hard to find.  I was so happy to find them at the Dollar Tree the other day!

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