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Funny how God works April 16, 2010

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Superman is smart.  There ain’t no other way to say it.  He was a nerd in school, making honor roll and graduating at the top of his class, and he continued that success in college, graduating with a Bachelors in Business Administration, with an emphasis in accounting, and a Masters degree in Accounting , still near the top of his class, Summa Cum Laude.  Did I mention he was married for part of that time?  We married after his sophomore, my freshmen, year in college.  I think he is just brilliant.  Apparently, his teachers and professors agreed.  He also landed a CFO position at a community bank with his only experience being auditing banks for a medium-sized accounting firm.  The boy is good.  I say all this so that you understand my dear one’s love of learning.  I love learning, as well, but he loves being in a classroom.  I only want to be in a classroom if I’m the teacher!

Early in our marriage, just after graduating but before we had kids, Superman expressed a desire to become a college professor, which as far as we understood, would require a PhD.  Folks, that’s more school, and money, that we didn’t have.  So, we talked about “one day”.  Then we had a daughter.  He fell in love head over heels with that girl.  And when we were surprised just four months after her birth with another pregnancy, he was the voice of reason and understanding.  “One day” would just have to wait a little longer.  Then God revealed to us this crazy plan to let Him decide how many babies we should have and when we should have them, and we thought the idea of teaching one day was gone.  It wasn’t His plan.  My husband is my mentor in accepting God’s plan for our life without complaining or questioning when it doesn’t line up with our own.  So he did just that.  We spoke of it for days of retirement, but he pretty much accepted it wasn’t going to happen.

Then, we moved.  We now live six houses down from a Christian college.  It has strong ties with our church, and we are a bit connected.  We joked that maybe he could pick up teaching a class or two one day, but we never really thought much more about it.  It turns out, though, that the president of the college is our former babysitter’s father, and his youngest daughter is a part of our children’s ministry alongside our daughters.  One day, while waiting to pick said daughters up from choir, they began chatting.  Turns out, our local Christian college is in need of an adjunct accounting professor.  Yep, the same college that is six doors down from our house, within walking distance.  AND, their requirements for being an adjunct professor includes holding a Masters degree, which it turns out Superman already has!  So, a transcript request, an application, and an interview later, Superman is going to be teaching a college course.  It may not be the path we envisioned, but it is His path.  Our path would have possibly put us in another state pursuing a PhD, not having our seven precious children, and winding up somewhere away from our family, which is hugely important to us.  It’s crazy, though.  Already, three times in our lives where we faced major decisions that we decided to release to Him and follow His lead, being content with right now, He has delivered in ways we never could have imagined!  Funny how God works when you step out of the way and let Him do His thing.  Yes, He can do it anyway, but He loves it so much more when we trust and follow His lead.


2 Responses to “Funny how God works”

  1. have you read the duggar book yet? it is CHOCK FULL of stories just like this one.
    so excited for you all!

  2. jps23 Says:

    Yes. We own that book and refer to it quite often!

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