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Not sure why, but maybe… May 19, 2010

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I’m not sure why I started a blog.  I guess I had lofty dreams of sitting down each evening in a clean and quiet house to blog about the day’s adventures for folks who might be curious.  I guess I thought there might be some curious folks out there who would actually read it.  You loyal few make me feel loved, but I erroneously thought it would be more than just friends keeping track of us.  I thought my moms would actually visit it from time to time and share it with their friends and loved ones, especially the ones who misunderstand us on a regular basis.  Maybe it was just because it was late in my pregnancy, with me sitting a lot, and then recovering for six weeks from the c-section, and it was a way to make me feel useful.  I’m just not sure why.

I’m not sure why I gave myself something else to get behind on keep up with.  I’m not sure why I assigned myself yet another task where I can’t quite finish something, thus making me feel a bit like a failure slacker.  All of those snickers make sense now.  You know, the ones I heard when I would say, “Yeah, I’m starting a blog.”

But here I am, blogging anyway.  There is much that has happened and much I’d like to share, but I’m always so stinkin’ tired, and there is always so much more other important stuff to do…ALWAYS.  So, I hope you don’t mind me popping in from time to time, always trying to catch up.  Maybe when we go on our vacation in September and are unable to play on the beach because of the lovely oil spill, I can write multiple entries (while the kids run around the room in someone else’s house), so I’ll always be prepared to post something. I promise that I have some interesting things to say, some beautiful pics to share, and some helpful tips to explain.  Maybe I will find time to share them with you a little more once the school year is over and I can sit and blog at night instead of preparing nine people to get out the door by a certain time every morning.  Maybe…


3 Responses to “Not sure why, but maybe…”

  1. trisha Says:

    I love reading your blog…I love hearing about your precious kids. I love that God has blessed you with seven!!! I know how tired you must be with those seven little treasures!!! But, keep talking, keep typing, keep blogging…

  2. catherine Says:

    Do not stress about your blog, but definately update it when you can. The first year I started mine, I hardly updated it, each year I update it more and more. The SOLE reason I blog more and more is because it’s become more of a journal for me. It also serves as a peek into our lives for our family and friends. My parents have thanked me numerous times for keeping the blog, I am pretty sure my dad is my most faithful follower 🙂

    I love checking your blog to see what your up to. It helps me feel a part of your family, all though I not actually there.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t stress when you can’t post!!!

  3. missi Says:

    I third it- don’t stress. Just blog when you have something to say and you have time. And don’t for one second think that anyone else is blogging with a clean house. You should see mine right now…and my kids are watching cartoons! But it is Saturday morning.

    Anyway. It also takes some time to get a following. I’ve been blogging for 2 years and still don’t get many comments. I’m not a big comment counter like some folks, but I can tell you that I get a LOT of visits. People read and usually don’t comment, especially if they don’t know you. 😉

    For me, it’s about trying to complete a thought occassionally and recording memories. I don’t know how else I’m going to remember when Evie got her first tooth, etc. =)

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