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It keeps getting better June 29, 2010

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We have a new visitor, and I’m not referring to the cranky neighbor.  We have a rat.  Unfortunately, our house sits just above a sewer drain.  In addition to that, we have a toilet in the basement bathroom, which needs a major renovation, which is empty.  No water, just dry.  It has become the entryway for this rodent to drop by.  How do I know?  I took a guess, and when Superman put a paint can on the lid of the toilet, the rat was unable to leave.  As a matter of fact, our roomie (the college student/friend that is living with us this summer) saw it roaming up and down the hall a few times last night while we were away.  We put out mouse traps, which was all I could find at Kroger.  It ate the peanut butter off and went on its merry way without setting off the trap.  So last night, we took a family trip to wally world at 10:30 at night to get some rat traps.  They had none, so we ended up getting sticky traps for rats instead.  Heavy duty is what the package said.  Nope.  It trapped the hair, but no rat.  So, Superman will be visiting Home Depot today to see if he can find the rat traps that we need to catch this pest.

UPDATE:  Of course, the situation changed before I got to finish the post, but it’s good news.  No luck with sticky traps, so SM brought home the “breathe-on-it-too-heavy-and-it-will-snap” trap.  Loaded it with peanut butter, which the little rodent ignored.  It decided to come back upstairs last night, which pissed off SM to no end!  I stick my head in Roomie’s room to get her flashlight, and she jumps up and grabs a shoe.  IT’S ON!!!!  They find it behind the fridge, block both sides, but it somehow gets past them and goes under the dishwasher.  In the meantime, Earnhart and Smiley wake up and are crying and needing me.  I hate when that happens, but I prefer it over rat-catching any day.  SM and Roomie spend about 30 minutes trying to coax it out from under the dishwasher.  They finally do and SM pins it down.  It squeals (ewww) and then without any idea how else they can kill it, SM resorts to stabbing it with a kitchen knife (which we promptly throw away, with the dead rat).  Disgusting, but at least it’s gone!  We’ll keep the mega-traps in case we have to do this again.  The funniest part to me was Roomie.  She was held hostage on the bed Sunday night by this thing roaming the hallway, but last night she was up and ready to hit it with a shoe!  I love that girl.


Lots of chaos lately June 24, 2010

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I’ve tried to post and just can’t ever seem to finish one.  Either something interrupts or I can’t find the words.  Or, I feel super guilty about all the other things I SHOULD be doing and I just shut down the computer.  In order to complete this post and move on to the other stuff, I’m going to use the bullets today.

  • Lots of stress at Superman’s job.  After being told a few months ago that his hours and time at the bank were up to him, as long as work was done and boss-man could get what he needed, he got a complete 180, with his boss demanding that we do some soul-searching and decide if he still wants the job.  Ummm, okay?
  • Our tenant is not renewing her lease in our old house, and she gave us a September move out date, which we found out last night is being moved up to July 31st.
  • Our neighbor hates our yard and came over at bedtime one night to tell us.  When SM said he couldn’t talk to him at the moment, he decided to come back a few days later at a very inconvenient time (see below).
  • SM went into the hospital with severe swelling and shortness of breath.  After being told at one hospital that his vitals were fine and he’d have to wait behind the other 11 people in the ER, we left and went to a different ER the next morning.  They admitted him and discovered three days later that he has post-strepococcal glomerianephritis, a condition rare in folks his age where the antibodies produced to fight the strep overload the kidneys, which fights and creates the high blood pressure, which led to the swelling.  Weird, but that’s the way we roll.
  • We had to cancel the autistic child’s birthday party because of all of this.  She’s handled it well, but it still sucks.
  • While SM was on his way home, the neighbor visited again.  After explaining our situation, he refused to leave me alone and left our conversation about my BACK yard with the statement that I gave new meaning to the word trash.
  • In the meantime, the laundry is backed up, the stuff I brought home from the preschool still needs to be organized and put away for us to use around here, and I am just plain exhausted.  The boys are constantly at each other, and the baby doesn’t like to be put down right now.
  • I’m experiencing dizzy spells, I think due to dehydration.  My mom thinks I’m pregnant again, which the boss who “didn’t sign up for seven kids” and the neighbor who hates looking at our outside toys will just love to know, if that is the case.  I’m hoping I’m just dehydrated.
  • The good news is that SM starts to teach his class at our local college tonight, which he is nervous about, but oh so excited!

For now, I’m praying for contentment through all of this mess.  I am also praying that SM will kn0ck the ball out of the park with this teaching gig and get offered a full time job doing it.  If you’ve got a minute in your day (I know they are hard to find in mine), then pray with me, please.

And just to leave you smiling after such an overwhelming post, a picture…


Mary Lou, the Graduate! June 1, 2010

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School was a “unique” experience for us this year, but we couldn’t help but celebrate Mary Lou’s graduation.  Now we have mixed feelings on all these opportunities kids have to graduate these days, feeling like it lessens the feeling of accomplishment when they truly graduate from school, but nonetheless, we had a lovely time celebrating Mary Lou’s special day.  Our preschool director did a fabulous job of making this a special little ceremony for the kids.  I was surprised at the emotion it evoked in me.  My nephew graduated on this day, as well, so he will be featured in pics here, too.  Congrats Mary Lou and J.T.!

Their silly class pictures

Our little graduate

She's the one with her arms in the air!

cousins, born 12 days apart

Our proud family, minus the wild little boys!

Superman's mom, and Mary Lou's glimpse at her future self!

My parents and their grand-graduates

Excited for our sweet girl!


Camp Clean Up

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The title speaks for itself.  We are spending the first “official” days of summer cleaning up things around here.  I don’t know how you mommies who work full time actually pull this off.  Oddly enough, with us all home, I think we can do a better job of keeping things clean around here than when we were here part time and at school the other part of the time.  Well, enough is enough.  I need to change some habits in myself and in my children, so here goes.  Each day, we will tackle one room and clean it top to bottom.  We will take two small snack breaks and a break for lunch, otherwise we do nothing else until this is done!  Today we started in the girls room.  I didn’t take before pictures, and the room was honestly so awful, I probably wouldn’t have posted them!  You see, I don’t care about cleaning house or rooms simply because there are so many people here, it takes a matter of seconds to undo what took hours to do.  However, since recently finding out about Earnhart’s dust mite allergies, I’ve got to make a change.  We all have to make a change.  Here is the end result in the girls’ room after about five hours or work, total, in their room today.

The stray dolls were dropped off the beds by pesky brothers!

Wow! There are floors!

Their closet is finally clean enough to paint!

That’s the vacuum arm that I left laying in the floor.  My camera battery was dying, so I didn’t have time to pull it out of the way before getting the shot!  Tomorrow, we tackle the family room.  One day, I’ll post about room names.  They are ever changing in this family!