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Mary Lou, the Graduate! June 1, 2010

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School was a “unique” experience for us this year, but we couldn’t help but celebrate Mary Lou’s graduation.  Now we have mixed feelings on all these opportunities kids have to graduate these days, feeling like it lessens the feeling of accomplishment when they truly graduate from school, but nonetheless, we had a lovely time celebrating Mary Lou’s special day.  Our preschool director did a fabulous job of making this a special little ceremony for the kids.  I was surprised at the emotion it evoked in me.  My nephew graduated on this day, as well, so he will be featured in pics here, too.  Congrats Mary Lou and J.T.!

Their silly class pictures

Our little graduate

She's the one with her arms in the air!

cousins, born 12 days apart

Our proud family, minus the wild little boys!

Superman's mom, and Mary Lou's glimpse at her future self!

My parents and their grand-graduates

Excited for our sweet girl!


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