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33 and 13 August 18, 2010

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I’ve always liked the number three.  I think it is mostly because I am one of three children in my immediate family.  So these two milestones that are upon our household are on my mind a little more than usual.  Which milestones, might you ask?  Well, 33 years ago today, my mother-in-law was about to embark on an experience that would change her life forever.  She was about to give birth to her first-born son.  Superman was also the first grandchild in the family on both sides, so a lot of lives were changed by his birth.  A child changes you.  Lots of people like to lie to themselves and say they are the same person they were before having kids.  Whatever.

The second milestone happened just days after that sweet little boy turned 20.  Thirteen years ago on the 23rd (there’s that three again), he took me as his bride.  I was 19 and 1/2.  Yes, we were crazy… in love.  And marriage is something else that changes you.  At least if you want it to last, it does.  This guy won me over at the ripe old age of 15 years old.  We were in band together, and we became really great friends and quickly developed a crush on each other.  I’m not good with dates, but one I do remember is November 1993.  It was the first time we held hands, at a marching band competition, nonetheless.  We sat on the steps between the high school and the middle school, talking about getting married and our “ideal” family (We planned four kids, three years apart, thank you very much.  I know God laughed at us that day).  And we have weathered quite a bit over the past thirteen years.  I love him more than I could have ever imagined.  Never have I thought that I made a mistake marrying my high school sweetheart, that I settled without knowing who or what was out there in this great big world.  I wake up every day grateful that God gave him to me, and that He equipped him to put up with me!  It hasn’t been perfect.  It’s been a learning experience, for sure.  But remember?  We like to learn.  We love each other desperately.  I want my daughters to marry a man just like him.  I want my sons to be men just like him.  And I want to be married to him for many, many years to come.


One Response to “33 and 13”

  1. trisha Says:

    so sweet!! you got married on my birthday! I will be 31…there is a 3 again. AND, I would like to say I was very jealous of that hand holding in high school…I had a little crush on Superman! But, God always knows what He is doing. And, hello I was 13 at the time and had a crush on everyone. 😉

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