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Days like this (lots of pics) August 24, 2010

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We get asked “How do you do it?” a lot.  The first thought that pops in my mind is “frequently”, thus the seven kids.  I jest.  I know they really want to know how we juggle it all.  There are days I want to know how we juggle it all!  We have a lot of days that are tough, and we usually drop something (don’t worry- it’s never a kid).  However, it is the days like today that remind me that it is worth every second of struggle or difficulty.  When I woke up this morning deciding to just be mom today, instead of working on prep for homeschool, housework, home decorator, craft planner, etc., the morning was a much better start to our day.  We decided to meet Superman for lunch because I had to go to the School Box (right near his bank), and I was going to have him help me with the kids.  The plan was McDonald’s with the awesomely huge playground, but when Superman got there to order ahead (one of our out-to-eat strategies), there was no playground.  They had torn it down!  Now, kids don’t do well with “We were going to go to the playground but now we’re not.”  However, today I got no flack from anyone!  Smiley (3) said, in his sweet little voice, “Hey, I have an idea!  Let’s meet Daddy at the Zaxby’s table!”  So we did.  And those perfect little angels grabbed their buddies’ hands and waited for me to unload the baby before crossing the parking lot.  It was a Duggar moment, if we ever had one!  Lunch was pretty calm and uneventful.  I decided to do the School Box without Superman, since our meal plan adjustments took a little extra time.  They were a little chatty, but quiet in their chatter.  Bulldozer put the stuff away that he picked up as we walked past it without me having to pry it out of his hands.  Bonus.  They were patient as I picked out our wall calendar for school, offering their opinions, but not getting upset when I went with something different.  They didn’t beg for me to buy them anything at all.

From there, we were supposed to drop by the park, but I could tell they were tired, and I don’t like meltdowns farther than 10 feet from my front door.  I took them home instead, which again, they did not complain about.  I said that we might go later, when Daddy got home, and they were fine with that.  We played outside ALL AFTERNOON, watching the tree guys cut down some trees in our neighbor’s backyard (the house directly behind us, not the mean neighbor, although he finally took down his tacky yellow string divider between our yards).  We came inside just before Daddy was to get off of work, and I knocked out baths with the boys, which Superman normally does at night.  I think I was his favorite person today.  We didn’t go to the park, but they didn’t complain!  If I could sum up the day, I would say that it was a day of contentment in this family, which is a struggle with little kids who have no concept of that sort of thing.  If I could sum it up with pictures, you’d have this…


couldn't get all 7 on at once

Dozer and Smiley

Earnhart, driving something, of course

He kept wanting me to take his picture!

He's not always smiling...

She loves all of them so much.

He thought this was a cool trick.

Popsicle break

Sweet Earnhart was helping Smiley ride his bike.

Even Tipper joined us outside.

Now, I did not get anything done in the arena of preparing for school, besides buying the stuff I needed from the School Box.  And I did punch out the numerous squares that come in the calendar packets.  The house isn’t any cleaner dirtier than it was when we left.  No dinner was fixed for later in the day.  No laundry done.  No floors swept.  However, I was reminded by an old high school friend on Facebook tonight, that what we did today is the stuff that matters.  I don’t remember the moments my parents buzzed around the house “getting things done”, but I have lots of memories of time spent together.  I read a beautiful note on another blog I love, A Holy Experience, that put it beautifully.  (I’ve tried summarizing it and just keep deleting it, so maybe you should read it here.  It’s in the gray box at the end of the post, signed by Anna Margaret of Louisiana.)  I love days like this.


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