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So he does have fingernails? August 29, 2010

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Yesterday, we were outside in our backyard trying to take down a tree.  Don’t laugh.  It was only a little dogwood.  The problem we are having with it is A) it’s in the middle of everything, kind of in the way, and B) it had two trunks, with one trunk no longer producing leaves or flowers.

just behind Cowgirl's head, to the left of the swingset

What does this have to do with fingernails?  Well, while we were working on taking down a dogwood with a hand saw (wrong equipment, I know), Picasso asked why God couldn’t just clip His nails so that one could fall out of the sky and chop the tree down.  Yeah, she comes up with stuff like that all the time.  I explained to her that God doesn’t have fingernails.  Jesus was the form of God who came to earth  to live as Man, so He would be the one with the fingernails, not God.  Then we continued to take down the tree.

Fast forward to today, when we were sitting in church.  Now, this is a complex path to follow, so if you’re tired, you might want to come back later when your faculties are in better working order.  Today was Homecoming Sunday, and Family Sunday, which means the elementary kids attend worship with their parents, and because of Homecoming, that would be in the traditional service with hymns and choral presentations.  Now, our contemporary band did a bluegrass mix of hymns, which livened it up a bit, but these kids are used to rockin’ sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs kind of stuff in their service that goes on each Sunday morning upstairs.  Anyhow, they displayed the words to the music on big screens, and the back drop for one of these screens was a picture of three crosses, like the ones on Calvary.  Cowgirl whispered to me, “Why are there three crosses?”  I told her I’d explain after church.  Then Picasso asked, “Why did Jesus die on a cross?”  I told her the same thing.  I mean, she knows that He died on the cross for our sins and because He loves us, but she didn’t know WHY someone would put Him on a cross to die.

So, after church, we commenced our conversation about the three crosses and why He had to die on one in the first place.  When I explained that Jesus came in the form of man to live on earth, but that He is also God (the Trinity is hard for kids), Picasso replied “So He does have fingernails?”  I just couldn’t help but laugh!  Here were are being all deep and theological about the three crosses and why Jesus was put on one by religious leaders who didn’t believe Him to be the Son of God, and that’s what comes out of her mouth.  She then goes on to ask why the guy who was preaching talked about food in his sermon so close to lunch time.  “Didn’t he know we were all hungry?”  She also asked about the big black speakers that were hanging in the sanctuary, wondering why they couldn’t just put some glitter on them.  These were their Family Sunday reflections!

I laugh, but we also had a very serious conversation about some big things.  Cowgirl wanted to know about the three crosses.  They wanted to understand the process of how someone dies on a cross.  They wanted to understand what would motivate someone to allow a person, especially Jesus Christ, to die that way.  They also realized that though this was a horrific and painful death, that Jesus was willing to do it for us.  That because God the Father loves us, He sent His Son to live and walk among us, and eventually die a painful death on a cross for us, so that we could walk with Him eternally by allowing the Holy Spirit to live within us.

What did you learn at church today?

My little theologians


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