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October Happenings November 3, 2010

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I love the fall.  It is my favorite time of year.  While we aren’t football junkies, we love to watch a game here and there.  When we attended Georgia Southern University, we rarely missed a game.  We even traveled to the away games (using credit cards, which was STOOPID)!  We met in marching band in high school, so even though we don’t attend many games any more, just the smells and the crisp feeling in the air warm my soul.  This is the time of year that began life with my one true love, so of course it is my favorite.  Oddly enough, it is the only season I haven’t birthed a child in yet.

We have lots of fun in October.  Here are some pics of some of our favorite happenings this year…

got a new room

a bonfire with old neighbors

playing at Grandma's house

The Blue Angels


The Rock Ranch


It was the Day of the Cowboy, which had this Cowgirl in heaven!


our friend Amanda, who lived with us for the weekend for her cross-cultural experience

Fall Festival

She was a veterinarian. Suprised?

the other two girls were fairies, along with their best friends

Andrew Peterson held a concert at our church. Awesome.

Family Sunday

We shared Communion as a family for the first time since the girls' baptisms.

Halloween with the grandparents

painting pumpkins

with the great-grandparents

Happy October!




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