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Daddy Time December 3, 2010

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My kids love their daddy.  Every single one of them, as a very young babe, has created a schedule based on when their daddy arrives home from work.  They start to get a little cranky around 4:30 or 5:00, which has become later since we moved and his commute is a little longer.  Yep, the little one knows and doesn’t get cranky until about 5:30-6:00, looking for Daddy.  When we are home during the day, any day of the week, I get snuggled and sought out for comfort.  I get called to when they are sad or disappointed.  When he walks in the door, it’s as if they have no mother.  And should we be home without him one evening, which is rare, I better hope everyone is happy because I am of no comfort to them in his place.  The little one actually pushes me away.  For the first time EVER, I had to call Superman when he was out to find out how to comfort one of my babies.  They love him that fiercely.  I love it.  It’s tough when I can’t be the one to comfort them, but oh how I love that they CRAVE him so much.  I think it’s because he craves them.  I know that he’s not the only dad to love his kids.  I know that my dad loved me as a little girl just as much as he loves them.  My husband just loves differently.  They know it, even as babies.  It’s so precious to see them react to him the way that they do, and I am so blessed to have a husband that reacts to our children with equal joy, love, and excitement!


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