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My list February 25, 2011

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I just began reading the fabulous book by Christian blogger Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts.  It is beautifully written in very vivid, poetic form, and it is a reflection on how amidst all the not so great stuff in life, we can still take time to reflect and count the endless blessings before us.  I woke up this morning to one kid feeling bad and another one having thrown up in his bed, only not realizing it until later, since he came bounding in the living room like he was perfectly fine.  Fast forward several hours, and the not feeling well kid finally threw up, so I now have about five loads of laundry to do, instead of the three that were waiting on me (plus our normal load of at least three-a-day to stay on top of things).  I took apart the boy’s bed so I could clean the throw up out of the crevices.  And, the plans for the boys to be gone for haircuts for the day got flushed and I had to figure out lunch for eight, as opposed to the plans I had for lunch with Daddy and the girls and Thomas that I had hoped for.  I thought for a slight moment, “So much for starting my list today.  Not a great day to find things to be thankful for…” and I heard in response, “But you have a washing machine to wash those linens.  And you have those linens.  And your children have beds to sleep in.”  So, I will start my list.  I can promise you that mine won’t wax on poetically like hers does, but it’s my list.  And because it is an expression of thanksgiving for all that He has given me, He will be thrilled with it.


1. a working washing machine and dryer

2. blankets to keep my family warm when it is cool, and to build tents with silly brothers and sisters

3. a bed for each of my children to sleep in each night

4. a husband who takes care of us when we are sick

5. a job for that husband that allows him to take two days off to take care of us


What are you thankful for?



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