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100 things June 6, 2011

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My friend Heidi just recently posted 100 things she loves about her husband, and they were so sweet, were I not in love with my own amazing husband, I just might have fallen in love with Scotty just reading her list.  She is truly blessed with an amazing husband, father to her kids, and man of God!  Those of you who know me now or knew me in high school know that I am equally blessed.  And if you know me from high school, you might just know Scotty and Heidi, since they are sweethearts from the same time and place that we are.  I think they even got married the same year we did!

My 100 reasons for loving MY man: (in no particular order, just as they come to mind)

  1. He has a realistic idea of what a woman’s body really looks like, and he loves mine just the way it is.  “What flabby belly?  Oh the one that is flabby because you bore my children?  Love it.”
  2. He hates to leave us each morning and is anxious to get home to us each night.
  3. He asked me to break up with my boyfriend while we were hanging out with friends at Starr Park in 1993 because he wanted to be my boyfriend.  Big move for him, since he was more of a shy kid.
  4. I love it when he says my name.
  5. He is so handsome to me.  Being drawn to the nerdy type paid off for me!
  6. He lets the kids help him build things.
  7. He will buy feminine products for me without blinking.
  8. He WANTED all of these babies, too.  As a matter of fact, he rallied for the last three!
  9. The only thing he loves more than the kids and me is God.
  10. He pays the bills and works hard, allowing me to stay home, but calls the money he earns “ours”.
  11. He acknowledges how hard my “job” is.
  12. He wants to homeschool our kids as much as I do, and he fights for it when I am tired and want to give up.
  13. He runs my baths when I ask him to, and sometimes when I don’t.
  14. He bathes the kids without complaint.
  15. He really makes an effort to make sure I have gas in both vans.  This was something my dad always did for my mom, and it was something I hoped to have done for me.
  16. He is brilliant!
  17. He has a beautiful voice and loves to sing.
  18. He loves to cook and is quite good at it.
  19. He gets up with the babies with me AND for me.
  20. He doesn’t play favorites with our kids.
  21. He says “I’m sorry” on the rare occasions it’s necessary.
  22. He is always ready for an adventure.
  23. He makes me laugh, a lot.
  24. He loves to learn new things.
  25. He loves my nuclear family like his own.
  26. He not only puts up with my craftiness and impulsiveness.  He loves that about me.
  27. He married me even though others said we were too young.
  28. He has a better eye for fashion than me, and he helps me out in that category.
  29. He NEVER complains about the mess in the house and values the time we spend with our kids more than he desires a pristine place to sit.  And he helps me manage it when he can.
  30. He knows how to do laundry and does it.
  31. He is patient.  V E R Y patient.
  32. He rarely meets someone who doesn’t like him.
  33. He is not an angry person.  He doesn’t ever lose his temper with me or the kids.
  34. He doesn’t mind the noise of children, ours or anyone else’s.
  35. He loves my nephews and nieces as fiercely as I do and calls them his.
  36. He respects others.
  37. He is a servant.
  38. He is compassionate.
  39. He is the kind of guy who sees something that needs to be done and does it.
  40. He’s athletic.  He only swam in high school, but he often says that if he had been more confident, he would have loved to have played basketball for a team.
  41. He can be REALLY romantic.
  42. He doesn’t give up on people.
  43. He loves to build things.
  44. He loves and serves my friends.
  45. He is not a judgmental person.
  46. He’s not afraid to point be back to reality when I need it (which is often), but he has a gentle way of doing it.
  47. We don’t argue much, but when we do, he doesn’t resort to name calling or harsh words.
  48. He admits mistakes.
  49. He celebrates others successes and victories.
  50. When we found out our first kid was a girl, he was thrilled.  With our second, who was a surprise, he reassured me that we would be fine.  When we were pregnant a third time and I thought he’d want a boy, he said, “I kinda like having girls.”  He’s such a great example of what to look for in a man for our girls.
  51. He was equally thrilled at having boys, but a little more nervous about being their example.  However, he is handling fatherhood to boys quite beautifully!
  52. He puts others before himself always.
  53. There isn’t anything around this house that he is unwilling to do.  He’s even tried to make a ponytail or two!
  54. He loves the outdoors.
  55. He led me to Georgia Southern University, where I met some amazing friends.
  56. He loves sports but not more than he loves time with us.
  57. He was my hero so many times when I forgot something I needed for a lesson plan.  He even dressed up as a lady bug for one of my literature classes in college!
  58. He’ll sleep on the couch just so he can be in the room with me when I am pregnant and sleeping in the recliner for comfort.  OR, he’ll move the recliner to the bedroom.
  59. He gives me space when I need it and avoids pushing my buttons.
  60. He gives me the final say on naming our babies.
  61. He will make and decorate a cake the night before a party when I am too tired from planning too much or procrastinating too much.
  62. He follows my lead on handling our kids’ special issues and respects my role as their mom and teacher.
  63. He braves restaurants and movie theaters with seven kids, when going out with three used to make him sweat!
  64. He lets me spend (too much) money on our family scrapbook.
  65. He is constantly seeking growth in his faith walk.
  66. He has stood up for me in situations where I needed someone to stand for me.
  67. He rubbed my feet on our wedding day without me even asking while we were sitting and waiting for our photographer to get something ready.  Thankfully, the photographer got a shot of it.
  68. He got up before sunrise five mornings a week to work at Chick-Fil-A to pay for my engagement ring, which he gave to me over pizza because I was so anxious and didn’t want to wait for him to plan and execute a proposal.
  69. Don’t laugh, but the boy looked GOOD in a band uniform!  I will never forget the butterflies in my stomach the first time I saw him after he left for college.  I went to see him at a marching competition where GSU did the exhibition, and he walked up in his uniform looking F-I-N-E, FINE!
  70. He looked even better in his swim team uniform.
  71. He understands women.
  72. He wore an Aladdin costume that I made for him in high school when we first got together, just to impress me.
  73. He was good at Chemistry, which gave me an excuse to invite him over in high school when I had a crush on him.  He was my tutor.  (I think I still got a C, but it wasn’t Chemistry that I was studying!)
  74. He knew my brother before he knew me and gave me a chance anyway.  (Just kidding, Dale!)  Dale told my mom that he thought I would marry Adam very early in our relationship.
  75. He’s got a protectiveness over my sister in him.  He doesn’t have a sister of his own.
  76. I love to watch him nap with our babies when they are newborns.
  77. He’s got nice shoulders.
  78. He was a great trumpet player back in the day.
  79. He is the reason I survived the emotional heartache of miscarriage.
  80. He grows his goatee for me because I like the way it looks and then shaves it for me because I don’t like the way it feels when I kiss him.
  81. He’s an amazing kisser!  Always has been.
  82. He’s the best listener, which I think is why people like him so much.
  83. He looks away from the t.v. when Victoria’s Secret commercials come on.
  84. He always asks me what I need.
  85. He doesn’t consider being home with his kids while I am away “babysitting”.
  86. He loves to read.
  87. He never, ever questions me when I say, “I need to leave the house for some quiet time tonight.”  He sends me on my way and doesn’t bug me about when I am coming back.
  88. He’s always liked my hair the way it was, never really showing a preference one way or the other.
  89. He gets me massages as a gift almost every pregnancy.
  90. He once surprised me for my birthday with an invitation he made himself to a night of celebrating me.  We went to see Josh Groban after eating at Veni, Vidi, Vici, and then spent the night in the Omni hotel overlooking Centennial Park.
  91. Our first Christmas as a couple in high school, his mom got me a cute little necklace.  He knew how much I loved the movie Aladdin and also bought me a musical genie that plays “You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me”.  I still have it, though it has been broken a few times and no longer has the music box part of it.  That song choice couldn’t have been more right.
  92. I bought him a Superman shirt this year because to me, he makes Superman look weak.
  93. He will clip fingernails, change poops, and take out/put in the girls’ earrings.  He truly is an amazing daddy.
  94. He never forgets my birthday or our anniversary.
  95. As a matter of fact, mine and him mom’s birthdays are 10 days apart, the 2nd and the 12th, and he’s NEVER gotten them mixed up.
  96. He likes to play board games and card games, but isn’t that into video games.
  97. He’s a man of outstanding character and integrity.
  98. I like how he towers over my 5’3 frame with his 6′ frame.
  99. He can predict to the dollar what his total will be at the grocery store.  He did it to me on a recent trip to BJ’s when I didn’t even stick to the list.
  100. He loves me.

One Response to “100 things”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I don’t know what to say except for the obvious- we are blessed! What did we do to deserve such wonderful husbands?? It is so funny that Adam wore that costume (#72) when y’all came to my 17th birthday party- which was Scotty and my first (unofficial) date. It makes me happy to read this and to know how happy and STILL madly in love you two are.

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