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The words I couldn’t find September 17, 2010

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My friend, Preacher, who is oh-so-good with words, has posted something about my sweet Cowgirl’s baptism.  Now, I’m again blowing our cover a little, but it’s for Jesus, so that’s okay!  She said it all WAY BETTER than I ever could have.  Fair warning, grab a tissue before you get started.  I must also note that Preacher is no longer our church’s children’s minister, due to this crazy idea to pursue a master’s degree in the Jesus field.  🙂  She returned to baptize Cowgirl, and our very new children’s minister went down front in the old people’s traditional service barefoot with Cowgirl to take her confession, risking judgment for such an act by people who barely even know her.  My heart was so full that day.  Read about it here.


Blowing our cover July 24, 2010

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I started out with nicknames for us because that’s what I had read you should do.  Be anonymous for the safety of your kids.  So I have tried that, and I’m fine with keeping it this way, but then I read Preacher’s most recent blog post.  And I had to share it with you, even though it has my daughter’s name in it.  It’s too good to not share, so I’m going to blow our cover by sharing it with you here, or actually there.   Now you know who we are (as if you didn’t before).