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Chaos clip January 29, 2010

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I thought is would be fun to post little chaos clips.  What is that, you ask?  Well, when there has been a moment of sheer chaos that makes me either laugh or break down into tears, or maybe laugh until I cry or cry until I laugh, I thought I’d post it.  I also thought it would be a great chance for me to vent over the occurance without yelling at a child or the man who impregnated me with all of them!

Chaos clip #1- Inaugural edition (drum roll please…….)

I was nursing S7 in the chair while the kids were playing.  The girls were working on their calendars and the boys were playing hide and seek in a large suitcase.  One would count while the other hid in the suitcase.  S6 was wandering around the house with a stinky diaper, playing here and there.  The big boys start fighting over the suitcase.  I get up and deal with that.  I go back to nursing and the two younger girls go get clothes for themselves and their buddies.  S3 even got a pull-up for S5 and started to change him.  Oops, she didn’t check the current diaper for poop.  He pulls his feet out of his pants and diaper and leans back on the clean blankets I washed YESTERDAY!  Before then, they hadn’t been washed in over a month.  Thanks, S5.  I get up, put the baby in the swing and LOCK HIM IN, and go tend to the poop situation.  Rabbit drops, thank goodness.  In the meantime, S6 sticks his finger and thumb in his diaper.  Guess what.  He didn’t pull out a plum.  Yes, all of this in a span of about ten minutes.


Wordless Wednesday January 13, 2010

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Number 6 January 6, 2010

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Our children’s minister, and one of my best friends, walked into the nursery one day and said, “Oh, hey number six!”  Of course, the very attentive and loving caregivers were mortified that she called him by number, but it was all in fun.  It kind of stuck, and he gets called ‘Number 6′ quite often.  God certainly gave him what he needs as number six in this family.  The boy lets nothing, and I mean NOTHING, get in his way.  I recently watched him run after S5, hanging on to S5’s backpack that he wears all the time, determined to get the book that S5 would not share with him. Our sixth child is a force to be reckoned with.   A lot of people think that in a large family, it’s not fair to the kids, especially the younger ones that don’t get enough attention. Let me assure you, my friends, God gave him the personality that refuses to be overlooked.  Superman’s grandmother had these beautiful name prints done for us for Christmas two years ago with each of the kids’ names and a description of each child. This was S6’s, and although he was still growing and being formed by our Maker, this description couldn’t have been more accurate…

“A true instigator, this child loves to get into everything. Always on the go, he is hard to keep up with. He will later transfer his energy to more lucrative pursuits. Enthusiastic and ready to lend a hand, he makes a good friend.”

Ironically, he adores the new baby.  Every chance he gets, he comes over to S7 and gently leans his head into the baby’s space and softly pats his head.  He LOVES his little brother.  Not aggressive at all.  He even likes to hold him.  He also likes anything the boys like.  Some days I think he really likes the toy, and other days I think he’s just trying to get things started!  He, too, loves cars.  He really likes being outside.  He thinks he can do anything that the others do, and if he tries it and falls or hurts himself in some way, he simply stands up and dusts the affected part of his body off.  He may be crying, but a simple dusting off makes him all better the way a kiss makes S5 all better.  He likes to dance to music.  He sucks his thumb, which is a first in our family, and he loves his blankets.  He has to have one when he goes to bed, and he hugs it tightly for a few minutes when he wakes.  He also drags them all over the house, which tells me how bad I am at sweeping and cleaning the floors!  He’s stocky, and he has wrapped his arms around and lifted his oldest brother before, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays some contact sport one day.  He smiles a lot, except when he is giving you his brow-down stare, which often makes me think he is thinking “Are you kidding me?”  He could be a handful one day.  Maybe Jesus will get a hold of him first!

His shirt says "HELLO, my name is TROUBLE"

He always looks like he's up to something!


Thoughtful Thursday November 19, 2009

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My kids are some of the most thoughtful kids I know.  I know you probably think I am biased, but they really are extremely aware and respectful of other peoples’ feelings.  Even with each other, although they are close in age and with each other all the time, they practice compassion and thoughtfulness.  I’m not bragging or claiming this as an awesome parenting victory.  This one is all God.  Superman and I try to model and demonstrate such love, but we aren’t perfect.  You see, when I was “surprised” by my pregnancy with S2, just four months after S1 had arrived, I prayed, HARD!  I prayed for their development and their ability to get along.  God delivered, and He’s offered that same gift to us with each child.  I am grateful.  I’m not one of those parents bent on my children reaching (or racing to) certain milestones.  They’ll get there in their time, and when they need extra help doing so, we make sure they get it.  This, however, is a goal that melts my heart.  My 3 yr old son, who is every bit a rambunctious and wild little boy, came looking in the bathroom for his brother to give him his backpack today.  You don’t understand, either.  This isn’t just some backpack.  For a few months, S5 slept in this backpack.  It is very special to him, and S4 wanted to make sure that he gave it to him this morning.  As I type this now, I’m hearing S4 say to S5, “You wanna try that?” and S5 replying, “Yeah, sure, I wanna try that.  Do you wanna try that?” in his squeaky 2 yr old voice.  All the while, they are including their 1 yr old brother in their fun.  Little boys.  I don’t know if you realize this or not, but little boys don’t act that way a whole lot.  You might at one little boy who is sweet as can be, but put him with another little boy, just one year older or younger, to live and breathe with every day, and it can get tense!  That’s the one area my mom, who is my mommy mentor, has not mastered.  She was a wonderul mother and almost always has the answers to my parenting questions, but she only had one boy.  It’s different.  Just trust me when I say that.  So for Thoughtful Thursday, I’m going to abandon my post and finish listening to my boys being thoughtful of one another.  In a matter of seconds, it could be a totally different story!!!