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You know you are a large family when… June 23, 2011

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you check out your rear view mirror or walk out of a restaurant and see someone counting the stick people on the family sticker on your rear windshield.

It makes us giggle every time, but sometimes it is down right awkward to walk out to someone hanging out at the rear of your vehicle.  Tonight, Adam and I went out on a date with the baby in tow.  I met Adam near the bank for dinner and a movie.  We parked side by side in our vans, which both have family stickers on the back (  The “mini” van has our family when there were six kids (never added Joseph or Thomas) and the “many” van has the seven kids, with no Isaac added yet.  We walk out of the restaurant to a woman who actually sat two tables away from us inside.  She keeps counting, and as we walk up, she asks us about our family.  She is fascinated and makes a little more small talk and heads off on her way.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve caught someone in the rear view mirror, counting our little people as we sit at a red light, stop sign, or drive thru.  Once upon a time, that sort of thing bothered me because I was afraid of what folks would actually say to me.  However, we have been met with so much genuine kindness by people that we now see it as a laughable moment.


daycare February 6, 2011

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You know you are a large family when the city code enforcement officers knock on your door on your BIRTHDAY and say they received a call concerned that you were running a day care out of your home.

For real, they had to come in and see a family picture.


New posts- You know you are a large family when…

I got a great idea for some new, quick and easy posts that will be a little break in the baby business for you.  They will be called “You know you are a homeschooling family when…” and “You know you are a large family when…”

The inaugural post for this little feature is-  *drumroll please*

You know you are a large family when you have to order off of the catering menu.  -courtesy of Superman, AKA Adam